bored kids

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I'm Luke, I like to draw and make graphics

Anonymousmurmured: I saw that your band are playing at some downtown thing in San Bernardino; congrats & I hope you guys do good.

Thanks! We’re playing down SB again this Sunday if you wanna go

Color me with kindness

i guess ill save my breath

jayycakesmurmured: ilysm💘

You’re lame, but ilysm more

Everything’s been irritating
Anonymousmurmured: hey! I really like your drawings a lot, you're really good! I was just wondering how you got your drawings onto the t-shirts you sell? did you send in your drawing? and if so, which place did you send it to?

Thank you! I do graphic design so I turned my drawing in to a graphic then I sent it in to this company that does screen printing on shirts haha I use to do it myself but it takes to much time haha

I’m just a little broken
Losing sleep and losing talent
Anonymousmurmured: It is, but it's also saddening.

I think that’s why I like it so much

Anonymousmurmured: I saw the wolf?

Yeah I forgot the name haha it’s a good song though